Gunfighter Gauntlet 2-Gun 2024 by Brownells

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A 2-gun competition with a focus on difficult shooting challenges and physicality.

Brought to you by Brownell's and run by Gauntlet Matches. Featuring 8 stages on 4 bays over 2 days with shooting out to 500m.

Divisions will be as follows, please consult the rules for detailed descriptions. Rifle/carbine and handgun.

  • Made of Iron. An iron sights division for standard capacity guns
  • The Standard. A modern division for standard capacity firearms.
  • Armored Core. A modern armored division with as few limitations as possible.
  • They don't make 'em like they used to. A division for equipment 1946 and prior.

Prize table will be random draw.

Match fee will be $200. Cancellation fee of $50 will apply until June 1, from which point no refund will be available.

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